Transporting dogs in sedan cars - best safety system?

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We are coming up to a situation where we won't have a hatchback car for a while and will need to transport a Labrador-sized dog in the back of a sedan car. What systems are available these days for restraining and protecting dogs when travelling in the back seat of a regular car?

Thanks :)
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You can get special harnesses that attach to your seatbelt or alternatively if you have an existing harness, you can get a device that attaches to the harness and the seatbelt.

They're the only ones I know of.
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Yep. I use a harness and loop the seatbelt through it. They are available from big pet stores. I use the large size for my blue heelers.
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My MIL used those harnesses for her silkies, they just have a sort of tab between the shoulders that the seatbelt loops through.
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I use a normal walking harness plus the extra attachment - it's kind of like a lead, except instead of a handle it has the bit that clips into the seatbelt thingy in the car. I recently bought a couple of new ones from Petbarn, about $15 each from memory.

I prefer this to the actual seatbelt harnesses as I find the dogs can't get so comfortable.

Just go into your local pet supplies shop and ask them to show you what is available.
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I found the same with the harness which the seat belt loops through, Peg wriggles around so within 2 minutes she was twisted upside in the seat belt, we still use the harness but use a short lead with a seat belt attachment
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We use the leads that have the seat buckle on them..
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They sell harnesses designed for the back seats of sedans Finlay.

They do not get twisted or caught up on forelegs etc. The dog remains in a sitting position whilst in the car. Know a few farm ppl with GSDs who use these and they swear by them. I do NOT like any harnesses or leads/belts etc that allow a larger breed dog movement in the back seat - seen a few cases of dogs that have lurched forward when the car stops and doing their cruciate ligament by falling down between the back seat and the backs of the front seats. Ouch.
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